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Yesterday marked the end of the trial service of extra trains on the TransWilts from Swindon to Westbury, supported under a Local Sustainable Transport Fund grant.  But the news is excellent as we now roll into the next phase, which is a permanent service within the GWR franchise. We have learned over the three year trial where things needed tuning to make them work more effectively, and that tuning has happened during the trial - so the news for our passenger / customer base is that there is no news - no change in services, in pricing, in contacts.   But whilst in some ways this is an end, in other ways it's a beginning.  People in our area can now build there secure, long term plans on the basis of a train service that guaranteed (in so far as anything is guaranteed!) and we look forward to going forward from the new base that's been set over coming years.

We've received a very great deal of help and advise over the years from many quarters - one of the big pleasures of doing the "Community Rai Job" is the overwhelmingly positive approach taken by almost everyone.  "Thank You" to everyone who's helped who reads this forum - without help from many quarters the TransWilts wouldn't have achieved what it has.  I hope that we can help others in due course - though as the new kids on the block having only been designated for a couple of months, I appreciate that there's an element of "teaching my grandmother to suck eggs" in such an offer.

Pictured - one of yesterday's services - an off peak train that didn't exist until 3 years ago picks up passengers at our smallest station.
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