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I have been shortlisted for "Melksham Person of the Year - 2016" for my rail work on the TransWilts. Improvements to the rail service have made a big difference to the town with recorded passenger journeys rising 6 fold in 3 years, and as I've been looking after the press and publicity it tends to have been my name out there.   I suspect the nonimation came from a rail contact judging by a comment made by the newspaper running the competition, but as nominations are anonymous I have no way to say "THANK YOU" to the person or people in public, which I'm doing through this and our more local forums.

Putting on a good show in this vote will help remind our local paper of the importance of rail to communities - and help us gain further coverage.  So although I'm just one of the team, on this occassion I'm being somewhat naughy and canvassing for personal votes, in the interest of the team and common cause. Please vote for me! ... email giving my name (Graham Ellis) and your name and addrss too, which they use to stop multiple voting.  Full article at ... and, yes, there are other excellent candidates.  So this isn't about winning, it's about putting on a good show for our community rail service ... and indeed for community rail in general.  Thank you!

Pictured ... on the train, of course!