Women in Community Rail

  • Women in Rail is a successful networking and support group started in 2012 to improve diversity in the UK rail industry which now has over 1500 members. The group is open to anyone who supports the aims.

    Inspired by ACoRP’s Women in Community Rail interviews initiated by Hazel Bonner, a few women from the community rail world thought it might be an idea to start a sister group to Women in Rail – Women in Community Rail.

    We have emailed various community rail colleagues and there is a lot of interest so we are currently working on our initial ideas and seeking full support and backing from ACoRP.

    What activities might Women in Community Rail undertake?

    • Share good practice across the rail industry, for example the gender balance within the community rail is much better balanced compared to other sectors.
    • The group would also actively promote equality & diversity generally
    • Populate a web page containing a discussion forum function, create a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page and Twitter feed
    • Informal mentoring
    • Career talks – encouraging younger females into Community Rail roles as well as young people generally, particularly those who choose a different career path than an apprenticeship

    Please get in touch if you are interested in Women in Community Rail – we are particularly looking for people interested in being on the steering group and leading areas of interest and activities in the group.

    Thank you.

    Sally Buttifant
    Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership

    Tel: 01244 976788 or 0773 652 3863

    Email: railofficer@midcheshirerail.org.uk

  • Celia  Minoughan
    Celia Minoughan Perhaps we could use the Community rail cafe for the discussion page? I'm interested in finding out more about the group
    September 30, 2015
  • Mike Parker-Bray
    Mike Parker-Bray The "Groups" section of the site could work well for that (it basically allows you to have a mini-community within the overall community) http://www.communityrail.com/groups

    Good luck with it all.
    September 30, 2015
  • sally buttifant
    sally buttifant Attended the Women in Rail conference last week .... was shocked at how little was known about community rail and I was talking to Network Rail staff! We have work to do!!
    November 26, 2015