My Time with Devon & Cornwall RP

  • So today I have been mostly learning and grafting! This morning I spent two hours with Mike Parker-Bray who illuminated the shadows of social media for me and who imparted some excellent advice on how we can become more structured and focused in our approach to ACoRP's information sharing process.  For me a couple of hours very well spent, thank you Mike! 

    This afternoon it was gardening at Gunnislake, the terminal station of the Tamar Valley Line. Ben and Chris, two final year students at Plymouth University joined me and Rebecca to travel to Gunnislake where we were to undertake a winter tidy up of two very large planters. Equipped with tools and gloves, we arrived at Gunnislake where we met GWR environmental team member Keith and the four of us turned to inspect the planters. They were a sorry sight, completely overgrown with grass and weeds and the red clay soil had been sodden over the last few weeks so it was not going to be an eask task.

    To say it was windy would be an understatement and with the ever present threat of rain we got stuck in and I am proud to say that a solid two hours later we had achieved our goal. Teamwork in action! 

    I now have first hand experience of another facet of the work constantly being undertaken by this partnership and its student volunteers who are called upon as and when needed via the Volunteer department of the university. A very valuable in-kind asset and any CRPs in University towns should certainly check out the volunteering department, you could have a great volunteer resource on your doorstep! 

    A few pics below....