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  • The Stickleback Line

    The Stickleback Line The New Todmorden Curve (Stickleback Line) service started in May 2015 and gave stations in East Lancashire a direct rail service to Manchester Victoria, Salford and beyond. One of the stations, Rose Grove, has seen its trains double from two an hour to four and as part of the...
  • Agatha Christie on Train Travel

    Agatha Christie obviously had a soft spot for trains and railways as they are mentioned a good many of her books not least Mystery of the Blue Train and Murder on the Orient Express. Hercule Poirot and his sidekick Captain Hastings use the train to get to cases many times throughout the books (ref: ...
  • Rose Grove Revived

    Rose Grove station has recently benefited from a £150,000 programme of works to improve the customer environment. The completed works were officially unveiled today with a photo opportunity at the station. The scheme has seen the installation of a new shelter, additional seating, CCTV, c...