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CRP Governance/Constitutions

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    December 16, 2016 8:20 AM GMT

    Hello, I am interested in good practice around constitutions or governance docs or agreements that CRP stakeholders sign up to.

    Ours in Mid Cheshire has been written by the council legal team & is very complex .... I'm sure there must be better ways of doing this.

    I'm also wondering whether there are 2 different types of document needed - a simple partnership agreement & a more complex governance framework that the host organisation/lead body requires??? Help please!!



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    December 18, 2016 12:34 PM GMT

    Hi Sally

    Firstly, good to be in touch with you again, we must meet up in the new year!

    I've also been looking at these for various CRPs as I agree a simple partnership document that all involved can sign up to is what is needed, not something too complex that no-one will read. I agree that once a CRP moves to being as CIC or even Charity, then more in depth documents may be required.

    Tim Sparrow has drafted one which I have shared with a couple of new-ish CRPs. I can send you a copy too Sally, let me know you e-mail address. There are also some examples on the Community Rail Lancashire website.