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Wider community co-ordination - TravelWatch Southwest

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    August 17, 2017 8:15 AM BST

    I learn so much from other CRPs - and indeed from bus groups, other line groups, specialist interest groups, rail industry and local and central government people.  TravelWatch SouthWest has been an enormous help to us at TransWilts - and to others across the South West - right from the time that a decent service on our line was a pipe dream through to the current time where the pendulum has swung - we have many more trains and they're overcrowded to the extent of putting people off; marketing has to be very carefully tailored to where we have capacity that can cope.

    7th October 2017.   TravelWatch SouthWest general meeting - over 100 groups from across the South West are invited to Taunton to network and to catch up on what's happening from key industry players.   A useful day in its own right, made so much more valuable by contacts established.   New groups and individual parties welcome ... see Facebook  TWSW website or background to TWSW and the meeting at the Coffee Shop


    A montage to help illustrate TWSW spheres of interest