How to report abuse and how to change your settings

Reporting abuse

To keep the Community Rail Cafe a constructive, safe, courteous and enjoyable place, members are encouraged to report content that they feel is against the Terms of Service of the site. They can do this by clicking the below button wherever they see it on the site:

Please note: Some smaller types of content, for example individual comments do not have “Report” buttons unfortunately. However, the user can click on the user in question’s photo and then report their whole account (using the “Report” button on the their profile page). Please specify in the text box which piece of content you are reporting and why.

Report requests will be read by administrators of the site from the Association of Community Rail Partnerships. If they concur that a member has breached the Terms of Service, sanctions they can apply range from politely asking the member to remove or edit their content, through to (in extreme cases, or in the case of fake "spamming" accounts) deleting a member and all of their content.

Blocking other members

Members have the option of blocking other users from being able to send them private messages, requesting their friendship, or viewing their profile. They can do this by clicking on the offending person’s photo and then choosing “Block member”.

I've forgotten my password

Don't worry, we can help. Please don't create a new account. This just causes confusion for other users, and means you will have multiple accounts. Instead, visit the Lost Password page and you can request a new password. If you have any trouble, please contact us.

How to update your privacy and email notification settings

Members can tailor which types of content that they post are publicly visible (for example in the website’s overall newsfeed). They can also control which email notifications they receive (for example when someone comments on one of their blog posts).

To do this, log in as normal, click on SETTINGS in the top black bar, and then choose Privacy and/or Notifications.

How to delete your account

Members who no longer wish to be part of the Cafe can delete their account at any time. This also automatically deletes all content you have posted on the site. To delete your account, log in, click on SETTINGS in the top black bar, and then click Delete Account.