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The Community Rail Cafe is for everyone interested in "community rail", including volunteers, Community Rail Partnerships, train operating companies, local and national government and other agencies.

The community is administrated by the Association of Community Rail Partnerships. It was created with the support of the EU Citizens' Rail project.

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  • Ian Dinmore
    Ian Dinmore replied to a topic in the forum Other projects:
    We have an office on Lowestoft station which I use to work out of my Council Office. It is managed by the East Suffolk Lines CRP on an "understanding" arrangement from Greater Anglia - it is all very informal and we have been advised that when the East Su...  more
    • Mon at 9:35 AM
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale replied to a topic in the forum Other projects:
    First ran the TankFest shuttle No 55 again in 2017 without subsidy, and they also ran it on two other event days. So the service now has wheels of its own!
    • August 11
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale replied to a topic in the forum Other projects:
    See also my post on 11 Aug 2017 about keeping bus info shown on your Onward Travel Poster up to date. If station adoptors dont report errors, who will?
    • August 11
  • Stephen Sleight
    Stephen Sleight replied to a topic in the forum Social media and websites:
    Hi Mike, Thanks. We are still struggling with Pagelines. Do any other CRPs have experience of them?
    • August 11
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale Continuation of my previous post...
    For most stations in Britain, it’s easy to check the poster for any particular station by viewing it online from the comfort of your own home: (1) Go to the National Rail website (2) Select your Station (3) Click on “G...  more
    • August 11
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale You may have had trouble reporting comments about the Onward Travel Poster at your station because the email address shown on the poster ( was out of action. Well, I’m told by the production team based in Brighton that th...  more
    • August 11
  • Fiona Forsythe
    Fiona Forsythe Very pleased that the Tyne Valley CRP will be participating in Heritage Open Days on 8/9th September 2017. The 1855 Booking Hall and the 1901 Signal Box will be specially opened for visitors. Please put the word out and share our Facebook event page more
    • August 6
  • Fiona Forsythe
    Fiona Forsythe Uploaded a photo in the profile for the first time. I am on the right. A jolly day with local history experts visiting Hexham and Haltwhistle. This is our Hexham station kiosk being manned by the retired CRP officer John Gillott on the 24th July 2017.
    • August 4
  • Fiona Forsythe
    Fiona Forsythe has added a new profile photo.
    • August 4
  • Tony Smale
    Tony Smale Our station adoption group currently operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with South West Trains (signed by us and their Community Rail officer). So what happens on 20th August when First/MTR takes over? Will we be allowed on the platforms?
    I ask...  more
    • August 2
  • Mark Robson
    Mark Robson has just signed up. Say hello!
    SUZIE MCCHEYNE everyone - here's our piece on local radio - have a listen  more
    • July 25
    SUZIE MCCHEYNE Hi all - we are a very new crp and only funded 1 project so far - does anyone have a process document for decision making for project requests? Before I have to create one just thought I would ask :)
    • July 25
  • Mike Parker-Bray
    Mike Parker-Bray Dreaming of a sunny summer's day on the St Ives Bay Line? Check out the great video at the link below - provided to us for free by a talented local. It's been the most popular thing we've ever posted on Facebook.
    • July 19
  • Brian Barnsley
    Brian Barnsley Great help today at Penistone from Paul and Paul from Carillion getting g the new planters installed.
    • July 12